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Chris J. Shull



Maps JavaScript API – Tech Lead

APIs allowing any website to leverage the power of Google Maps.

  • Founded new team and grew to ten engineers, while mentoring and identifying individual growth opportunities.
  • Inherited, maintained, and improved a decade-old codebase, empowering websites all across the Internet.
  • Enlisted QA, QA Eng, DevRel, EngProd, interns, and other engineering teams as core contributors to the project.
  • Spearheaded greater inclusivity, including accessibility and internationalization layout support.
  • Built a new product line from the ground up, from prototyping to public release.
  • Collaborated with design, product management, and backend teams to balance complexity and scheduling.
  • Led the cross-platform Google Maps APIs best practices and consistency group.
  • Aided iOS (Obj-C) framework development as needed.


Frontend Lead

Application which enables non-technical users to collaborate on, curate, and analyze data.


iTunes U – Web Engineer

Web-based application for teachers to manage courses, lessons, and assignments.

  • DRI for new initiatives into accessibility and localization (including RTL).
  • Spearheaded migration from SproutCore to Ember.

Photos – Engineer

Web-based application for accessing your iCloud Photo Library from any computer.

  • Developed networking stack for quickly loading hundreds of images per user over HTTP.
  • Collaborated with server team to define web service APIs.
  • Architected synchronization system for receiving changes from the iOS and macOS Photos apps.
  • Committed code to shared internal frameworks.

iAd Producer Engineer

Application for building high quality web experiences with the ease of making a slide deck.

  • Contributed to major Apple JavaScript frameworks, including new public APIs (iAd JS).
  • Optimized code for responsive interaction on mobile devices.
  • Developed integrated Objective-C and JavaScript.
  • Drove adoption of accessibility standards and customization UI.

Apps Testing Infrastructure Engineer

Test queueing and reporting system with support for both iOS and macOS applications.

  • Architected a system rewrite, including the frontend, backend, and harness.
  • Designed cross-language test resporting APIs (JS for iOS, Python for macOS).
  • Applied statistical methods to performance data to filter real regressions from noisy samples.


Carnegie Mellon University